WikiLeaks puts Podesta and Zuckerberg on notice - Wikileaks Exposes Collusion Among Facebook, Clinton, & Zuckerberg

POLL: Americans Blame Deep State Shill Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for Fake News


Zuckerberg Partners with Podesta, Clinton Staff for 2020 Presidential Run

It's looking like Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to run for president in 2020, and he wants Hillary Clinton's failed campaign staff to help him do so. Zuckerberg recently hired Joel Benenson, a chief adviser to Barack Obama, and chief strategist to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during her disastrous 2016 run. Zuckerberg previously asked for John Podesta's advice on 'how to influence public policy'. Moreover, Facebook is filtering political news and content they deem to be fake, Zuckerberg's connection to the Clinton camp further points to the obvious political bias by Facebook that will allow news approved by Clinton allies, while blocking other content that doesn't fit the mainstream narrative. 

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